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Recover Windows Data from Hard Disk Error

March 20, 2015 Data Recovery, by Marvin Simmons

Data loss can be very frustrating whether it’s intentional or accidental. You need not to panic as there are various ways to recover the deleted or lost data. Before we know about the ways of data recovery in Windows operating...

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I want to Hide Manage Computer in Windows XP

October 1, 2009 Computer Tips and Tricks, by admin

Many a times we feel the need to hide Manage Computer from My Computer. If your computer is used by many users, then hiding Manage Computer would be beneficial to you. If you hide this section, then other users, who...

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Fix Corrupted or Damaged Master Boot Record

September 30, 2009 Data Recovery, by Jarvis Flores

As we know, Master Boot Record is a small program that is executed when computer boots up. MBR begins the boot process by looking up the partition table and then determines which partition is to be booted. In DOS and...

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How to backup and restore files from corrupt drive?

September 9, 2009 Data Recovery, by Marvin Simmons

Consider this: - Hard drive is badly corrupt and you need to restore the data out of it. Adding to the worst, even the backup is not there. Files and folders were not backed up earlier. Completely caught in a...

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How to transfer files from old hard drive to new hard drive?

September 3, 2009 Computer Tips and Tricks, by admin

If you are changing a hard drive due to its non functionality, less storage space, bad sectors in the disk, virus attacks, hardware problems or any other problem, you will need to copy all your files from your old drive...

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Recover Data after Reinstalling Windows

August 13, 2009 Data Recovery, by admin

As a computer user you may need to reinstall Windows anytime on your computer system. There can be many reasons that lead you perform Windows reinstallation. Some of the well known reasons are œappearance of blue screen on Windows startup,...

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