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The DBCC DBREINDEX is a transactional-SQL command that reconstructs one or more indexes for a table in the SQL database file. Additionally, DBCC SHRINKDATABASE is a T-SQL command used to shrink the size of the data and register files in the particular database. In case both these commands are executed at the same time on a particular table, it is subjected to corruption. Therefore, with corruption issues, if the user is not having any back up, he can recover the table by utilizing effective SQL recovery software.

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Recover Data from SD Card

Secure Digital (SD) is small and thin but high capacity memory card, which has storage capacity in the range of 1MB to 4GB. SD cards are used in small portable devices like digital cameras, camcorders, audio players, mobile phones, etc. to enhance their memory. They are designed to support various files like image files, audio files, video files, etc. However, like other storage devices SD cards are also prone to corruption and data loss.

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Crashed Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard disk is a non-volatile storage device used to store data. One can store data in various formats on hard disk. The data you store on hard disk can be personal or official. Whether the data is personal or official, it is very important for you. While on the other hand, being an electronic media, hard drive can be crashed any time leaving you blank handed. Losing all of your important data can thrill you.

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Deleted Documents File Recovery Software

Working with computers is all about managing documents and files. Both, home users and officials on regular basis deal with lots of documents and files. The document/file they manage can be a word file, excel file, executable software file, image file, or any other type of file depending on their work. Suppose you are creating an important document from last 25 days, which you have to submit in your organization after 5 days. One day while working with the document, you accidentally press the DELETE key or due to any other reason like virus attack, the document gets deleted.

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Recover Data from a Damaged Database Table in Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is a database utility provided by Microsoft Corporation as a part of Microsoft Office suite. Because of its easy-to-use and self descriptive interface, both home users and professionals take its advantage as a backend to store data. However, sometimes while executing a query or a report or updating records, you may encounter the following error message:

Jet has stopped the process because you and another user attempted to change the same data at the same time.

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Repair Corrupt 2GB .PST File

Emails, contacts, calendars, events, alarms, project schedules created with Microsoft Outlook email client are stored on user’s computer in the form of PST files. The PST files created in Microsoft Outlook versions earlier than Outlook 2003 and 2007 have 2GB size limitation, which means the PST file in which emails are stored cannot exceed 2GB. And if the file size exceeds 2GB, users face situations of freeze mailbox, inaccessible emails with loss of emails and data.

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