I want to Hide Manage Computer in Windows XP

Many a times we feel the need to hide Manage Computer from My Computer. If your computer is used by many users, then hiding Manage Computer would be beneficial to you. If you hide this section, then other users, who share or use the same computer, will not be able to change your computer settings.

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Hard Drive Recovery Cost

Nastiest thing happens when you lose all your important stuff, for instance project database, client documents, large GB of emails, worthy files and folders, entire inventory data, or your cherished photographs, videos, pictures, etc. This actually becomes reality when hard drive crashes badly. All data residing in the system suddenly becomes inaccessible or gets lost, the drive partitions shows 0KB of data storage. A situation like this is really a disaster that adds to disappointment.

Simply going for any hard drive data recovery is not a good option. These days hard drive recovery arena is a booming industry. No doubt they recover productively from the damaged drives but what about the cost they charge for their recovery software? Cost is a major concern for the users; after all they can’t JUST spend their penny. How about recovering the stuff on our own without spending a single penny?

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Fix Corrupted or Damaged Master Boot Record

As we know, Master Boot Record is a small program that is executed when computer boots up. MBR begins the boot process by looking up the partition table and then determines which partition is to be booted. In DOS and Windows systems, MBR is created using FDISK /MBR command.

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How to search message attachments in GroupWise?

There are times when you search for mails in your inbox with which you have received an attachment containing important information for a current project, but you are unable to remember who sent it to you or what the message itself contained. For similar issues you can turn up to GroupWise 7 for searching the content of your attachments, not only the attachment lists.

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Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes While Choosing a Password

While opening online bank account, email account or any other account, you need to choose a password so that un-authorized users can be unable to access your information. But are you making yourself a target for fraud? I have heard many cases where people have their accounts hacked.

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How to share calendars in GroupWise?

Being engaged in more than one project is a regular phenomenon of workplaces nowadays. While working on different projects at your workplace, your personal schedule, company events may muddle up your GroupWise calendar. This issue can be settled by creating multiple, color-coded calendars in GroupWise 7. These calendars can be shared with your project team along with due dates without publishing your entire calendar.

GroupWise 7 has multiple calendar features that make it all a child’s play. Here are the steps how:

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