Virtual Hard Disk Recovery

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Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) is basically used within virtual machine and just as the main hard disk of the system; VHD also contains files and folders. It is VHD which allows multiple operating systems to be installed on a single computer system which facilitates the user to enjoy working in more than one environment. By using this feature, the software professional can test their software on more than one platform on a single machine. Furthermore, with VHD the users can enjoy more secure, reliable and cost-efficient environment of their operating system.

But at any instance, if the physical storage fails or the network on which some data was being transferred becomes faulty then it would lead to loss or corruption of data. There are many other issues also which could lead to VHD corruption like in case of RAID failure, the system can start generating error messages such as “A block on the physical disk has been punctured by the controller” or “There was an unrecoverable disk media error during the rebuild or recovery operation”. Due to these error messages the VHD might appear completely empty and user may require an urgent VHD recovery.

All these problems can be easily resolved i.e VHD recovery of the corrupted or deleted data can be efficiently performed by making use of a third party software. But before choosing software for recovering the VHD data, the compatibility of the tool with the version of windows installed on the system should be necessarily checked.

An eminent and expeditious third party software tool which can perform VHD recovery effortlessly and with complete accuracy is Kernel for VHD recovery. This tool deeply scans the corrupted or damaged files for an efficient recovery of all file formats, including text, audio video, etc. It provides different modes for VHD recovery depending upon the extent to which the files are damaged. Moreover, after the successful recovery, the VHD files can be accessed without requiring virtual machine.