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How do I unlock MDB file? I have lost its password, Actually, I encrypted the file with a password in Chinese and I am afraid I won’t be able to recover the password with any MDB password recovery tool. Please tell me as what can I do to recover MDB password and unlock MDB as soon as possible, as it contains some important information for my latest business project. Please reply me as soon as possible as there is a lot of reputation and money at stake. Please help me out.

Mr. Huang from China recently asked us for some real-time help, he even called us up and asked for a quick reply so that he can unlock MDB files that contained some of his important business data. Mr. Huang was on a tour in Beijing and he realized that he was unable to open his MDB file. The reason- he forgot his MDB encryption password. He told us that he had downloaded a number of MDB password recovery tools from Internet but none of the software was able to recover the password, as the password was in Chinese language.

We told him to try to unlock MDB software as the software is capable of recovering Unicode characters efficiently. The software recovered his MDB file password instantly despite the length and complexity of the password. Mr. Huang was able to recover his MDB password and fortunately he was able to succeed in his business tour with an added project in his hands.

Wow! Unlock MDB tool really worked wonders for him, isn’t it? Talking of MS Access or MDB files, these files are used as databases for storing a lot of organizational data. Due to data protection issues, we often encrypt these files with tough passwords and then forget them after sometime. Since the MDB files protected using passwords use strong encryption algorithms hence, the files cannot be decrypted so easily. Resolving situations like these, Unlock MDB software recursively scans the password protected database files and generates the actual password within seconds.

MS Access files are password protected usually to maintain the intricacy of security which in turn proves to be beneficial for organizations. Safety of important data is considered highly important in the organization as password known to many users might hamper security. But loss of an important password will leave you in middle of nowhere. Always rely on unlock MDB software, as these tool supports multilingual password recovery.

If you have any doubts regarding the working and features, switch to the free to evaluate version of the software and check the accuracy with which the software is able to recover the passwords.