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Windows Live Mail (WLM) is considered as a successor of Outlook Express in Windows XP and Windows Mail in Windows Vista while Windows Live Mail comes as a default email client in Windows 7. This simply means that the computer users who have been switching from Outlook to Windows Live Mail must like to access emails stored in .pst file with Windows Live Mail. However, it is only possible when Outlook is installed on the computer running Windows Vista or Windows 7 along with Windows Live Mail.
In case, you do not have Outlook installed on Windows Vista machine (For example, you are running Windows XP), Windows Live Mail does not provide the option to import from Microsoft Outlook. In this scenario, you need to follow a zigzag path for accessing Outlook to Windows Live Mail. Following steps help you in accessing data from .pst in WLM:
1.Arrange a computer having MS Outlook and MS Outlook Express installed and running.
2.Start Outlook Express and import messages from Outlook.
3.Now, copy the DBX file of Outlook Express and paste into a USB drive. To know the location of DBX file select Tools > Options > Maintenance.
4.Click the Store Folder button and copy the path.
5.Paste the path into Windows explorer and you will get access to DBX file.
After you have saved the DBX file into a USB drive, attach it to the computer running Windows Live Mail and save the DBX file in C drive under the folder Outlook Express (if the folder with the specified name does not exist, just create it). Now, execute the following steps to access the .dbx file with WLM:
1.Start WLM.
2.Select File > Import > Messages. The Windows Live Mail Import wizard appears.
3.Select the Microsoft Outlook Express 6 option and click the Next button. Now, follow the onscreen instructions for accessing Outlook to Windows Live Mail.
This way you can get access to your important emails from .pst to WLM. For most of the computer users, the process described above can be complex. Therefore, the easiest way for such users to access messages from .pst in WLM is Kernel for Outlook.
Kernel for Outlook is an email recovery program, which scans the PST and recovers all emails from it. After recovering the emails, software provides various options to save the recovered items. Select Save as DBX or Save as EML format. If you select the Save as EML then the saved items can be opened in WLM by drag and drop. However, if you save the items in DBX format then you can import the DBX file through Windows Live Mail Import wizard.