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Factors that cause Exchange Server corruption

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Microsoft Exchange Server is the email based collaborative communications server for businesses. When we work in Outlook, all the email messages and other items are synchronized with Exchange Server. Microsoft Exchange Server uses transaction-based and fault- tolerant database for storing emails and directory information. When a failure condition occurs, the Exchange Server uses transaction log files for reconstructing data which is already taken by Exchange Server but not yet written to database. But, sometimes, data corruption issue becomes very critical to be resolved. In these severe data corruption cases, we have to implement Exchange repair tool.

Everything in Exchange Server is stored in the form of EDB files. The corruption in the EDB files lead to the corruption in Exchange Server. The corruption in the EDB file may cause due to virus infection, improper system shutdown, application malfunction, user errors and missing database objects. There are two main types of EDB database corruption which are:

Logical Corruption: it occurs due to damaged or missing database objects such as database engine failure or storage corruption. This kind of corruption can also occur at application level in folders, mailboxes, messages and attachments.
Physical Corruption: this kind of corruption occurs when entire database gets damaged on the hard drive. It is very easy to identify.
In order to overcome the corruption issues, there are some manual methods provided by Exchange Server. But, these manual methods resolves only minor corruption issues and fail to handle severely corrupt database. For this, third party EDB recovery tools are required.

There are various third party tools which can definitely help you in handling corruption issues in EDB files. The Kernel for Exchange Server Recovery is the competent utility that recovers all deleted, corrupted and damaged mailbox items within few minutes. This stupendous EDB recovery tool comes with an advanced scan mode which helps in searching all corrupted data and rebuilding new usable database. Being compatible with almost all versions of Exchange Server and MS Outlook, this software is available with its free evaluation version.

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