Error message: Exchange Server account was not created

Solving Exchange Server Errors, by

While creating email account on Outlook 2003, you might receive an error message conveying that Exchange Server account was not created.

Your mail is set to be delivered to a location other than the Exchange account that you created. If in case you don’t change this setting, the Exchange server mail will be removed from the Exchange Server and delivered to the current delivery location. Do you want to change the delivery location for all your messages to your new Exchange account?

If you click Yes in the message, you receive the following error message:

There was an error setting your default delivery location. The Exchange server account was not created.
This issue occurs when you run out of Outlook.ost file space. When Outlook.ost files are created they are renamed as Outlookx.ost where x can be a letter from a to z. Outlook.ost files are renamed in consecutive order until the order reaches Outlookz.ost. However, after this file is created, you create another email account, the email account won’t be created and you will receive both the message and the error message. This is why the lack of space results in the generation of error message. But you can keep a close watch on this and resist this situation from taking place. However, if the above mentioned solution doesn’t works, utilize Kernel for Exchange Server- a robust and reliable EDB recovery software.