Employee Desktop Live Viewer – New Release

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Employee Desktop Live Viewer is the latest release which helps companies to track the employee desktop activities. The tool designed and developed for efficient monitoring of employee desktop activities can monitor many computers simultaneously. It displays visual activities of every desktop being monitored on Network.

Remote monitoring of employee computers from one central location has been made easy with the tool. It contains two setups of Viewer and Agent. Viewer is installed on main computer (or the Server computer) and Agent is installed on remote target computers to be monitored. Monitoring starts as soon the agent is installed to computers. An administrator can perform many remote functions on the computer(s) being monitored like closing them, restarting them, locking them, removing the wallpaper and starting the screen saver. Instant messages and monitoring notifications are also sent remotely to the computer(s).

Employee Desktop Live Viewer

Employee Desktop Live Viewer

The free evaluation version of Employee Desktop Live Viewer is available to users to experience features and functions of the software before purchasing licenses of the software. Download Employee Desktop Live Viewer.