Month: August 2012

Get Mac emails at Windows Platform

Email Migration, by

Like Windows OS of Microsoft, Apple’s Mac OS is also very popular computer operating system. Both OS are embedded with interactive, GUI and a number of user friendly features that make them reliable computer OS. However, they support different application...

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How to fix “project server database cannot be accessed 5001” error of MS project server

Database Recovery, by

Microsoft project server is a project management program like MS access. It stores different project modules of the users either in local window drive or network. MS Project server is similar to MS SQL server as both stores user data...

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Repair corrupted MyISAM format database of MySQL

MySQL Recovery, by

MySQL is a popular database management system that is widely used for web databases. In MySQL databases, the MyISAM table is the default database engine that that is fast, reliable, simple to use, and allows full-text searching. The MyISAM table...

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Resolve – “This mailbox exceeded the maximum number of corrupted items”

Solving Exchange Server Errors, by

Exchange 2010 Server is the latest version of the popular Microsoft Exchange Server application. This latest version includes many advanced features as compared to its older counterparts. Therefore, several businesses and individual users are migrating from older Exchange Server versions...

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