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Attachment Management: Features

Key features of Kernel for Attachment Management

Kernel for Attachment Management is enriched with a number of extra-ordinary features that makes it an apt solution for effectively managing Outlook attachments. Some of the salient features of the software are mentioned as follows:

  • Reduce the PST Size: The tool reduces PST file size by extracting attachments from incoming emails, emails stored in a particular folder, or in all folders in the mailbox. Reduced PST file size enhances performance of MS Outlook.
  • Save Attachments at User-defined Location: The software allows saving extracted attachments at specified location on computer's hard disk or network drive. Saving attachments at network drive allows sharing extracted attachments with co-workers.
  • Quick Access to Extracted Attachments: After extracting attachments from emails, the tool leaves a shortcut or text description of the extracted attachments in their respective emails that can be accessed easily.
  • Update Location of Extracted Attachments: The software allows updating shortcut or text description in case the location of the processed attachments folder is changed.
  • Full Support: The tool completely supports Microsoft Exchange Server and Internet mail (Pop3/IMAP).
  • Rename Processed Attachments: The software allows renaming attachments based on variables such as Sender's Name, Sender's Email, Date of received message, and Subject so that they can be identified easily.
  • Archive and Secure Attachments: The tool archives attachments in ZIP files automatically and allows applying passwords on archived attachments in order to make them secure.
  • Compact Attachments: The software allows compacting attachments in few steps.
  • Process Attachments Automatically or Manually: The utility allows users to schedule attachments processing or process attachments manually.
  • Restore Attachments: The software allows restoring extracted attachments in their respective email messages whenever required.
  • Extract Selected Attachments: The software lets users process only required attachment types that can be saved on computer's hard disk or network drive.
  • Take Required Action on Processed Attachments: The tool facilitated options to mark processed attachments as Read, Unread, or with a flag of a specific color.
  • User Interface: The tool offers an easy-to-use, self-descriptive, user-friendly GUI that makes attachment management process easy.
  • Available for a Free Demo: The software is available as free demo version for a trial period of 30 days to let users evaluate its capabilities.
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