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Now my kids are better concentrating in their studies. You know Why? It's all because of your software. Some time back I found that they use their computers just for chatting, playing games, and even watching porn sites. I purchased this wonderful software and started keeping an eye on their activities. I showed them their computers' screenshots and made them realize that they are doing wrong.

It worked!!

My kids are now sincerely into their studies





While searching for tools and tips for increasing employee efficiency, I came across your software. I visited your website to get some idea about your software. Downloaded the free demo version and I found I was exactly searching for.

Now my organization is using your software and we are getting more then what we always expected from our employees.

Thanks for a making such a wonderful and intelligent software.



Being manager, I was always considered responsible for poor performance of my juniors. I knew that they are not properly doing their jobs. But I was helpless coz I was not able to prove it. Whenever I used to stand behind any of them, they just minimize or close the chatting or other unnecessary work but continue them same for hours behind by back.


Now I have started monitoring them with your software and even I have told them that they are being monitored by me. Now everything is going fine..and I am happy too.

Amazing! The way you people helped me out was seriously amazing. I have had very bad support experiences before. So I am just overwhelmed with your product and services. I will definitely recommend others to try out your software.

Have a nice time





Thanks a lot for saving my business from getting ruined. I used to suspect that my employees are not exactly doing what they are supposed to do but lack of evidences always forced me to remain silent. But with your software I not only caught them but saved my important business data from getting transferred outside.

For me it worked wonders. Thanks a lot.






Wonderful!!!!! That is all I can say about your software. I would definitely like to tell people about this software..



I have received everything and it is all working fine. Thank you for this product, it is a huge life-saver.

Don Brooksby


To Whom It May Concern

Just a quick e-mail to say: thank you. After trying different ways with other venues and products, your product (Nucleus Kernel PowerPoint Recovery) repaired one corrupt file that took me weeks to build, and it did it without losing any information. It repaired it just like the original was. I was pleasantly surprised....The money spent was worth the hours I would have spent in rebuilding my presentation.....thanks for a great product.....

P.S.:Please, echo my appreciation to your tech dept and the company owner


Kernel for PowerPoint Recovery

Hello team,

Thank you very much for your quick and excellent job. The student (my sister) is happy now because it was the work of three weeks.

Thanks again,


Amazing Software: The software does an amazing job recovering files on bad hard drives. A hard drive on my server had gone bad and windows had automatically unmounted it. i was able to assign it a drive letter in windows but windows would tell me the drive was unformatted when trying to access it. I tried about 10 programs claiming to recover files or fix hard drives but none of them would detect the drive or let me even try to fix it. Nucleus was able to detect the drive and with 2 or 3 clicks i could see my files on it. With a click of the recover all it saved all of the files, excluding a couple damaged one to my local hard drive. It took me about 30 seconds to recover about 10 or 20 MB of important data. I would recommend it to anyone who has a drive that will spin and be detected by the OS. It works great for corrupted FAT's Partitions or damaged sectors.

Source: http://nucleus-kernel-data-recovery-software.nucleus-data-recovery.qarchive.org/

Best regards, eelkram


Best support team of the world - thank you very much :-) it works!

Best regards, Peter Bongers


After I downloaded the full product, activated it, and ran the recovery it worked on my ppt. Well done Team Kernel. I'm very pleased with the product, will recommend it to others, and I appreciate the prompt and courteous support.

Thanks, G.F. Thomas

downloaded and installed the software. My forgotten password came up straight away. Great, thanks

  • Interface: 4 of 5
  • Features: 4 of 5
  • Usability: 4 of 5
  • Price: 5 of 5

Source: http://kernel-hotmail-msn-password-recovery.nucleus-data-recovery.qarchive.org


The s/w took awhile to go through my PST file, but it got the job done.

  • Interface: 3 of 5
  • Features: 3 of 5
  • Usability: 3 of 5
  • Price: 3 of 5

Source: http://outlook-pst-recovery.nucleus-data-recovery.qarchive.org


I had a case where a Compaq NeoServer 150 running SCO OpenServer 5 had crashed. Oddly, when I tried to use another boot server running OpenServer 6, it knew what the drives were, but couldn't mount it. I purchased Kernel Recovery and allowed it to do a sector scan. Pretty good results, probably got 90% or more of the data back. Better than none!!

I suspect the missing 10% isn't a problem with Kernel but something that SCO and Compaq cooked up to make HTFS that little more different.

  • Interface: 4 of 5
  • Features: 4 of 5
  • Usability: 4 of 5
  • Price 1 of 5

Source: http://kernel-recovery-for-sco-openserver.nucleus-data-recovery.qarchive.org/


Thank you -

the new program you sent me worked perfectly. I have been able to retrieve all of my 6,000 + emails. A great program (once I got the right one!).


Thanks a lot for a super product! If the other tools are as good as this one....then this was not the last purchase from you :-) Really a wonderful tool.

I wonder if you can mail me an invoice/receipt of the order?

Kind Regards from Norway,

Morten Nilsen

I have downloaded the software and have recovered a 300 MB BKF file, reported by Windows as "unrecoverable", with apparently 100% accuracy. This was a friend's data, which I had backed up. I had then wiped completely clean the partition containing them. It was a great relief when Nucleus brought it all back.

thank you

Peter Stehli

I bought this software two days ago to recover data from a destroyed Reiser File System. A few minutes after installation in a Win-XP-system the software did run perfect.

The recovery process was easy, fast and uncomplicated and took an hour to recove and save 19GB with 46'000 files. All my important data are now accessible again. The rest ist to build a new primary level of folders and paste all subfolders to the corresponding mainfolders. I also liked the information given on your site that how to use the software to recover the data.

To judge this product:

  • very slim program
  • simple to understand user-interface
  • precise, fast and easy

An excellent product! Congratulations!

Kind regards from Switzerland


As a private person like me this product seems to expensive, but I spent this money as a birthdays-gift for myself,


For companies purpose there is no doubt that this product is worth the price all times!

Anton Hagmann

Thank you. I received the Activation Password.

Thanks so much for your software!  I was able to recover a database containing information crucial to my business.  I don't know what I would have done without it.

Tim Sledge

Thanks for the prompt reply. I found the link to the software in the activation email and am almost done recovering my drive. Good stuff this software.

Bill Frankowski

Thanks, the software is working very well. You and your software saved my job... ;



Thank you for the backup recovery software - we have managed to retrieve our 'Outlook' pst file from the corrupted Microsoft bkf file.

Yours faithfully,

Allen Cherry

Guys, I just purchased Nucleus BKF repair and luckily restored my damaged backup file of over 8 gig. What a relief, wonderfull product.

Thanks for your help,


Hi Nucleus,

I have successfully extracted all the files and everything seems to be there.

I want to thank you and your colleagues for all your time and help. It is sincerely appreciated.

Darren Smith

Our Christmas day power outage finally ended happily. Recall that a Christmas day power outage corrupted an ext3 filesystem that was managed by the Linux LVM. e2retreive ran for almost 3 weeks and in the end was unable to actually recover any files. A bunch of other free/open source programs also failed to do the job.

My initial round of Googling turned up a pieces of software called Kernel by Nucelus Technologies. They offered a demo version of their software which would tell you if it could recover files, but not actually recover them (for that you had to cough up some money). Kernel runs on Windows, but there are versions for lots of operating systems. Given that I thought our problems were more due to LVM rather than ext3, I was a little skeptical that Kernel would be able to do much of anything. I'm glad that I was wrong. Kernel was able to recover all the files off of the disk (you better believe I paid), so we have all of our data back. The only thing I'm unhappy with is that Kernel didn't preserve the file dates, even though it was able to display the dates. Still, I'm very happy to have my data back, and Kernel definitely makes the recommended list. So if you have a corrupted ext3 partition under LVM, Kernel had a decent chance of working.

Ted Leung

It was with some trepidation that I paid for this, having no idea if it would actually work. Pity that the demo version doesn't allow a few files to be recovered just to show that the program works prior to paying a relatively large amount for the full version.

Anyway, I had lost all contact on my Macs with a 200GB drive. No utility would resurrect it on my Mac. Tried Disk Utility, Disk Warrior, TechTool Pro (4.0.5), Drive Genius, Data Rescue and Norton Disk Doctor to no avail.

'' A few of these would "see" the drive but could do nothing with it. Data Rescue did not even recognize that the drive existed. Some rescue NOT. Without much confidence I plugged the drive into a firewire port on my PC and ran Nucleus Kernel Macintosh (v4.0.2). It took several days to work on the drive BUT at the end of that VOILA!! I could recover most of he data.

Whilst one can only recover files, not folders or whole packages, the software did give me a complete copy of the original structure. As an experiment I "reconstituted" several '.app' packages, some of these worked again on the Mac. Some didn't - mainly because the Mac would not allow me to begin a file's name with a '.' ie full stop. (There may be a way around this.)

I didn't bother further with applications as those on the "dead" drive were backup copies anyway. But I did recover many MBs of data for which I had no backup.

Some files recovered were already corrupted, but not many.

I have no connection with Nucleus Technologies, and simply wanted others who fear the worst for an important drive to give this app a whirl. Try the demo first and if it shows recoverable files and the folder structure of the original data then you may get lucky as I was.



BIG THANKS for your quick answer and quick solution of our pressing problem.

WE luckily recover all our files and Your utility are the only one, that find our LOST NSS POOL. I have heartfelt thanks for Your GREAT programmers.

Many thanks, GREAT JOB!!!!

Eduard Svoboda

I would like to thanks to your company for saving my business. I was in tears when i was unable to access my backup drive partitions. It was giving formatting errors.

I found you on google.

I really appreciate your development team for making a useful tool. I will not hesitating, recommending you to anybody.

Thanks again


Many thanks for this. My "lost" hard drive has been successfully recovered!

I will be telling my friends about this so that they will know what to do when it happens to them!

Best regards,

Alon Maxwell

I bought Kernal-Installed it and Bingo!! All my files back. VERY GOOD.

Thanks a lot

George CDC Spain

Thank you, the order worked and I was able to recover my files.

Dwight L. Ottesen

Thankyou thankyou thankyou..... It's 5 days i'm fighting linux testdisk and reiserfsck.....

You software have save my life.



An extreme thank you comes your way. This is Gerard's wife Vanessa. I dowloaded the file this morning and it opened. I cannot thank you enough for the time and effort that you and your team have put into my powerpoint. My Director will be pleased to hear that we now can show the slide presentation at our awards banquet again. After putting 5 months into this project I am thankful that you were able to repair it. You and your team are a God send.

Thank you-Thankyou-Thankyou-Thankyou-Thankyou-Thankyou.

Very much appreciated

Vanessa Pelletier

Wonderful, thank you so much, and my daughter thanks you as well.

Triche Leander

Just wanted to email you to say thatnks so much for your Nucleus Kernel Password Unmask 1.0 program has just saved me a lot of work. I am in the midst of re-creating a website for my cousin. I started it a long time ago, but have only now gotten a chance to back to it. I did all the updating on my localhost server and when I went to ftp it onto the website, my disk quota ran out - and I didn\'t have the password to get into the main cp of the site to reset it. As the ftp and cp pass were the same, using this tool has given me access once again. Many, many thanks again. This time i\'ll write the bloddy thing down :

Kenny Cameron

My bad! This utility is awesome. I was looking at the wrong partition details.

The drive (Internal Serial ATA) was messed up due to a power blackout. It wouldn't boot up, and lots of other "recovery" software would not give information but lots of bad sectors.

My solution was to go to CompUSA, buy an external SATA enclosure, put the dead drive in it and place an ice bag on top the drive (otherwise search and recovery would fail due to overheating). And, now I'm in the process of recovering every single bit of data (over 4 GB of pictures and business related files).

I tried Ontrack's EasyRecovery demo. It was much slower than Nucleus Kernel and costs an arm and a leg to purchase the full version. Installation file of Nucleus is also about 2 MB.

One thing I'm dissappointed at Nucleus is that, there is not much advertisement about its products. It has taken me a long time to find and try it.

Very very exciting product. Congratulations to the development team, and boo to the marketing team.

Thank you


Hi Support,

I didn't have caps lock on. It is working now. Thanks for your quick response and excellent product.



Dear Sirs,

Many thanks every works well!

Thank for the fine piece of software!

Best regards


You have been very kind and helpful.

Your NTFS recovery product allowed us to retrieve many megabytes of files from a client's crashed HD. Great product!

Thank you very much!


Dear Sir,

I had lost my activation number which was in my c drive HDD in the OE folder. My harddisk just accidentally dropped. I am now currently using another new hdd with newly installed win xp pro. Could you be kind enough to send me again the activation key to my same e mail address so that I can recover as much as possible any data there. As for my purchsed from you recently had been helpful. In fact I had used it to recover a crashed notebook HDD belong to a corporation in Malaysia.

Thank you for your excellent piece of software.

Regards, Ir.

Tan Seng Khee Managing Director Metta Engineering Sdn. Bhd.

Your support is outstanding, and I will HIGHLY recommend you to my clients!

Malcolm Randolph

Many thanks for your prompt email response, yes I have now received the product activation key and I am succeeding in recovering most of my 'lost' files.  It's a nice piece of software and does a nice job, also it's easy to use due to a clean, logical interface. Good Job.

Dave Reynolds

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